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The smart card, a latest additional to the world of banking and information Technology has emerged as the largest volume driven end product in the world due to its data portability, security and convenience. Smart Card is similar in size to today‘s plastic payment card; it has a memory chip embedded in it. The chip stores electronic data and programmers that are protected by advanced security features. When coupled with a reader, the smart card has the processing power to serve many different applications. As an access-control device, smart Cards make personal and business data available only to appropriate users. To ensure the confidentiality of all banking service, smart cards have mechanisms offering a high degree of security. These mechanisms are based on private and public key cryptography combined with a digital certificate, one of the most advanced security techniques currently available. In fact, it is possible to connect to the web banking service without a smart card.

Innovative strategy is not a new word today, to being in current market with increasing market share need some extraordinary workout. As per our opinion these following strategy can help banks to sustain and can increase their market share.

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