Download Gunotsav 8 Aayojan File

Download Gunotsav 8 Aayojan File  

Gunotsav  Preparation For One day Ago details: Click Here

Gunotsav Marks with Grade wise Details in One Image:Click Here

Gunotsav School Grade Certificate All Year : Click Here

Gunotsav 7 Aayojan File : Click Here (by Alpesh Patel )

Gunotsav 7  – 2017 Rojakam Babat Paripatra :Click Here

Gunotsav 7 Check List : Image 1 Image 2

Gunotsav Rojkam mate Patrak 1 , Patrak 2 ane Kothali par lagavvana label no namuno Pdf ane Excel file :

Gunotsav Practice Work Module All Details by PS Rana :Click Here (Sixe 50 MB)

Std 6 to 8 Question Bank : Click Here

गुनोत्सव   प्रश्न बैंक : Click Here 

Gunotsav 6 Vachan ,Lekhan,Ganan Frame

Gunotsav Vachan ,Lekhan,Ganan Frame

Gunotsav Shala Aayojan File : Click Here

Gunotsav Shala Darpan : 

Gunotsav Maths Practice Material:

  • Gunotsav Maths Practice Material for Std 02 to 04 :Click here
  • Gunotsav Maths Practice Material for Std 05 to 08 :Click here

Download Gunotsav Model Paper:

Gunotsav Model Paper of Std 2

Gunotsav Model Paper of  Std 3

Gunotsav Model Paper of  Std 4

Gunotsav Model Paper of Std 2 to 5 Common Paper

Gunotsav Model Paper of  Std 6

Gunotsav Model Paper of Std 7

Download Previous Years papers:

Download Previous Years papers and Give Practice Your Students,It’s Very Useful For Make Practice and Preparation of Gunotsav, This Question Papers are Std:6 to 8 Open Below Link and Download Questions paper:

Standard – 6 A
Standard – 6 B
Standard – 6 C
Standard – 7 A
Standard – 7 B
Standard – 7 C
Standard – 8 A
Standard – 8 B
Standard – 8 C

Gunotsav 2014: 

Std:6 Papers

Std:7 Papers

Std:8 Papers

Gunotsav 2013:

Std:6 Papers

Std:7 Papers

Std:8 Papers

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